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-The Flu Shot

                     SHOULD YOU GET A FLU SHOT? 



- Note:  I am not a doctor. Thus everything I say here is backed up by a top notch source. 
 -Use the information below at your own risk.  
 -I am not against the 6 original vaccines, the risk/benefit ratio is on their side, but it is not even close for the flu shot. 
 -Note, the 2 quotes at top are from the BMJ links 44 & 44a below.  
 -Why am I doing this?  Because “they” want to bring in mandatory  flu vaccination.

1930's  "Time Magazine" ad


  1. How many people actually die, is a National flu shot mandate necessary?
        2. How well does the flu shot work?
        3. Is there a downside to taking the flu shot?
        4. Is there good science behind the flu shot?
        5. What is the risk/benefit ratio of the flu shot?
This writeup is done for Americans, I have a Canadian version at

Note: have a new site on vaccines in general, "a rational look at vaccines".

       CONTENTS                                  Section
-How many really die from the flu?    A Links 1 to 7
-Interesting math                                  B
-Does the flu shot work?                      C links 8 to 12
-Flu shot ingredients                             D Links 13 to 14c
-Downsides of the flu shot                   E Links 15 to 33
-Flu shot not work in elderly                F Links 34 to 39
-More Interesting data                          G  Links 40 to 41
-Science behind the flu shot                 H  Links 42 to 47
-Get a flu shot to protect others?          J 
-Important points                                  K
-Risk Benefit ratio of flu shot               L
-Appendix                                              Links 100 to 162   


 The US CDC said for years there was 36,000 flu deaths a year. After getting a lot of flak over that, in 2014 they changed it to 3,000 to 49,000 flu deaths every year. The US, does not count adult flu deaths, they rely on flaky modelling, excess winter deaths and other wild estimates.
We can calculate the proper death figure if we know one accurate figure. 
      And we do, flu deaths under 19 are now a "reportable disease", it is now mandatory to report all flu/flu associated deaths under 19 in the US.(Link 7) The average is 130 flu deaths a year ages 0 to 18. Knowing this figure we can calculate the true flu death totals, see easy math below.
    The media like to take the average of 3000 to 49,000 which is about 26,000 deaths. Some CDC doctors fall for this too. Pure fiction. The math does not work out for 26,000.   Any doctor that tells you 26,000 is the average, ask him to show you the data and how it was done, you won't find it. 

But if we go with 4000 deaths, the math works.
    Lets try the easy math.  Take 85% off 4000 because 85% of flu deaths are over 65(Link 1).  That equals 600 people under the age of 65 die. Ages 0 to 18 is about 1/4 of the people under 65, so 1/4 of 600 is 150. 150 is close to the true death total the CDC has for kids under 19.
    If we went with the 26,000 flu deaths, then there would have to be almost 1000 kids deaths a year as ages 0 to 18 is 1/5 of population.(see 3 paragraphs down)
     Link 7 below, shows that the US has an average of 130 flu deaths a year for kids aged 0 to 18, remember there is mandatory reporting for kids under 18.  So 130 is close to the 150 I calculated above. I suspect the 130 may be a tad low even with mandatory reporting. So for the last 20 years the US flu death rate is in the 3000 to 5000 range, so the CDC is sort of telling the truth.
     Also note that there is 74 million kids in the US under 19 so with 130 kid flu deaths a year(Link 7 here), means the kid has only 2 chances in a million of dying of the flu. That would also apply to adults under 65. Not so scary as the CDC makes out.

       Lets try the easy math with the 26,000 flu deaths the CDC says there is.
85% off 26,000 because 85% of flu deaths are over 65, equals 3900.  So 3900 people under 65 die of the flu. Kids 0 to 18 is roughly 1/4 of those people under 65. So 1/4 of 3900 is 975. So that means we would have average of 975 kid deaths. That is 7 times higher than what the CDC says.
 There is no way you can make the math work for 26,000 flu deaths. So 3000 to 5000 is the correct figure for flu deaths in the US.  There has not been over 6000 flu deaths in the US in the last 15 years, at least.
   - - Shows 74 million kids in the US.
     You may be fooled when you look at US flu death totals, in their weekly flu reports,(See link #1a below) as they add in all pneumonia deaths for those over 18. 
   The CDC says only 8.5% of pneumonia deaths are attributed to the flu, and 2% of respiratory diseases.(Link 1).  There are over 30 different causes of pneumonia. Go back and look at Links 2 and 2a to see the huge differences in the flu and pneumonia death tolls.
    You cannot add the two together if you are trying to determine if a flu shot is necessary. The flu shot is not for pneumonia.

Even the 1968 Hong Kong flu pandemic killed only 33,800 Americans(Link 105b.). The last pandemic in 2009 killed 3,400(Link 105c). There has not been over 5000 or 6000 flu deaths in the last 20 years.
Because the CDC says there is 3,000 to 49,000 flu deaths a year you often hear the media saying there is an average of 24,000 flu deaths or there is up to 49,000 deaths. Both totally untrue and is fear mongering. 

    The true death toll from the flu is more like 4000 to 5000.  So is a flu vaccine even necessary? Is the Risk/benefit ratio in your favour?  Two chances in a million of dying(if under 65) is not a big deal. The media would have us all believe we will die if you don't get your flu shot.
   The flu shot works less than 50% of the time(Heading "C" below) So if you get a flu shot you have 1 chance in a million of dying of the flu and if you don't get a shot, you have 2 chances in a million of dying of the flu.  You have about 10 chances, or much more, in a million of a serious adverse event from the flu shot itself.
  -Some say "get a flu shot to protect others", Sorry wrong.  See section "J" just past link 47 below.  
Note: The stomach flu and the rhinovirus are not “vaccine preventable” flu’s. (See Link #40a) Most people who think they have the flu, do not.

Link #'s

1. -  Last paragraph, but above Editorial Note, says only 8.5% of pneumonia and flu death totals are flu related, and only 2.1% of all respiratory deaths are flu related.  So when you see a total of 50,000 P&I deaths only 8.5% of them are Influenza related. The flu shot is only for Influenza.
Under “Editorial Note, 4th paragraph down, says 90% of flu deaths are over 65.

2.     See Page 39 here for      2012 Vital Statistics
  Shows 49,530 pneumonia and flu deaths, and 1107 influenza only deaths.
  Shows 62 kids deaths under 14 from influenza.
  Shows 820 over 65 years old influenza deaths
    So 215 flu deaths between 14 and 65, (and Kids deaths are 7% of total)

2a. Page 33 here for 2005 influenza stats.
    Shows 61,189 pneumonia and flu deaths, and 1812 flu only deaths.
    Shows 58 kids deaths under 14 from influenza
    Shows 1510 over 65 years old influenza deaths
Note: the ratio's roughly work out, 5 to 7% of flu death totals are kids under 18, and 80 to 90% flu deaths are over 65.  I don't believe links 2 and 2a. show all flu deaths, the totals may be 10 to 30% more, but ratios stay about the same.

3.  This excellent article also shows how CDC and Health Canada pump up the flu deaths to sell the flu shot with a fear campaign.  Has good links to original sources.

4.  This says the CDC flu death figures are more PR than science and way out of whack. 

5.  Good vital statistic tables from 1979 to 1998.  Scroll way up to page 449 for Flu deaths (.5 per 100k is 1500 deaths).  Again we see flu deaths are more like 1000 to 2000.  Not the vast numbers the CDC has the media quote. Do you know anyone who has died of the flu?

6.  This shows the evidence does not support the facts. Good write up. The CDC adds in all pneumonia and respiratory deaths to pump up the death rate of the flu.
    This site is a so called anti-vax site. But everything said here appears to be true and has links to back up everything, much from the CDC. 

7.   Shows pediatric deaths, (0-18),you can select different years by deselecting and then selecting other years in top left corner.  Note that kids deaths have not decreased with the increased uptake of the flu vaccine in 2006 when it was mandated that all kids over 6 months old get the flu vaccine. If you look at links 2 and 2a above and google the other years yourself, you will see the same, kids deaths have not dropped.
    Read the box that comes up when you click this link, "don't click ok", read first. Says kids flu deaths now have mandatory reporting.

So there is about 3000 to 5000 flu/flu associated deaths a year in the US.

                  B. MORE INTERESTING MATH

    The CDC says there is about 200,000 hospitalizations a year from the flu.  I  assume they are including all pneumonia cases as well, but we will go with that.  There are about 5000 hospitals in the US.   So 200,000 divided by 5000 is 40.  So that is 40 people per hospital spread over the 5 months flu season, or about 8 people per month, per hospital.  How many of those would be vaccine preventable type flu cases? 
     Also note that the vast majority of these people will be the old and infirm.(Link 1 from the CDC says 90% of flu deaths are over 65)
It is possible for healthy young people to die or be hospitalized by the flu, but the chances are incredibly small, not enough to risk a YEARLY flu vaccine.   

   With 2 chances in a million of dying of the flu and a tiny chance of a hospital visit if your under 65, is that worth the expense of a National influenza immunization program, with a flu shot that works less than 41% of the time.(next topic below)  Especially when we look at the risk of the side effects of any vaccine or drug.(heading E) And the risk/benefit ratio will be covered below under heading "L". 

                    C. DOES THE FLU SHOT WORK?

   This shows CDC vaccine effectiveness for years 2005 to 2016.  Overall average of 41% for the last 10 years.

8b.  IMPORTANT!  The CDC advisory committee has just(July 2016) voted to stop using the LAIV(live attenuated influenza vaccine) as they decided it is at most 3% effective based on data from 2013 to 2016.  This is the flu vaccine they have been giving to your kids the last 6 years. (See Links 42 and 46)

8c. .   Is this another reason the CDC canceled the LAIV vaccine. Remember this is a live vaccine. Says this vaccine can regain virulence to cause severe disease in mice, and suggest the safety of LAIV should be closely monitored after mass vaccination.(Does monitoring mean see if lots of kids die or get severely sick and then they will do something) In the end the CDC pulled the plug on this vaccine and canceled it in June 2016, and just said this vaccine was found not to work at all.(Link 12) 

9.  The Cochrane report is the “Gold Standard” of studies.  Says “preventive effect of flu shot is small: at least 40 people would need to be vaccinated to avoid one ILI(influenza Like Ilness) and 71 people would need to be vaccinated to prevent one case of influenza, and vaccination shows no appreciable effect on working days lost or hospitalization. (So is that less than 10% effective.)

9a.  New study says flu vaccine does not prevent missed school days. So this backs up the Cochrane study above at Link 9.

10.  British Medical Journal says flu shot not very useful. and evidence DOES NOT support the flu shot as a routine public health measure.  Flu shot only saves .04 days of work.

11. This Cochrane report  says “vaccine matching, to viral strain circulating each year was relatively uncommon”.  Says “vaccination had a modest effect on time off from work and had no effect on hospital admissions or complication rates.  Inactivated vaccines caused local harms and an estimated 1.6 additional cases of GBS per million”.
    Then says “reliable evidence on flu vaccines is thin, but there is evidence of widespread manipulation of conclusions”.

11a.  (This link from Health Canada also shows we have poor luck at matching flu vaccine to correct virus's each year) In section IV, at bottom of section titled "Paediatric Considerations", it says the Quadrivalent flu vaccine was matched correctly in 5 of the 12 seasons from years 2001 to 2013.  
      I need to go outside the CDC to find this data, as could not find it in the CDC.

11b.  Says flu shot next to pointless for Heath Care Workers.

11c. says during the 2011-2012 flu season, 3 studies showed that for the first 3 months VE was 38% and by Mid-February dropped to  minus1%. They found VE effectiveness waned over several months. (Flu shot lasts just over halfway through flu season, and then your are actually more likely to get the flu, -1%). 

11d. -  This new study says, flu shot barely works or not at all, in obese people. Note: This study was funded by GSK and Sanofi Pasteur so things may be worse than they say.

11e.  This link published in “Canadian Family Physician” says “In a good year when vaccine is well matched you need to vaccinate 12 to 37 people to prevent one case of the flu.” (Is that less than 10% effective?)
    “For seniors  you need to vaccinate 40 to prevent 1 case of flu”.   Then it goes on to say “the flu shot has not been shown to decrease hospitalizations.  Evidence that the flu shot decreases mortality is likely biased.”
    Then further down study at heading  “Context”  it says the flu shot was well matched in 7 of the past 14 years”  So they have a 50% success rate.

12.   This Cochrane report is for children. This article says "there are no good studies on the safety of vaccines given to children".  Says "the inactivated flu shot was about as good as a placebo in kids under 2 years", and you can't use the Live Attenuated vaccine on kids under 2.(link 38a.)  (So why are we giving the flu shot to 6 month old infants?)
     Also says under Authors Conclusions  “Flu vaccine in specific cases was associated with serious harm, such as narcolepsy and febrile convulsions in children”.

12a.-  Scroll to title called "Children"  says flu shot has no measurable benefit in children under 2. Also that the flu shot has high efficacy but low effectiveness.  (high efficacy means it works in clinical trials and effectiveness is how well it works in actual practice)

12b.  This study looked at flu shot for years 03/2004 and 04/2005 and could not demonstrate vaccine effectiveness kids under five.

12c.-  Scroll down to the heading "How Effective is the flu Vaccine in Children".  This is the CDC saying in there usual understated manner, that the flu shot barely works for kids under 2. You just read links 12 to12b and read links 16a, 20, 20a, 28, so why are we risking the flu shot with infants? Also read links 15 to 21.

If you look at all the studies I have, you will see them all over the map, showing a flu vaccine effectiveness  from 0% to 90% effective. But keep in mind what Cochrane study says at (link 12) above, “ there is evidence of widespread manipulation of conclusions”.  Many studies are industry biased, see section H below.  So overall flu vaccine effectiveness  is 10%, 30%, 41% effective in people under 65 depending on who you believe. Though the Cochrane report says it is less, I will go with 41% average as people like to believe the CDC.

People like to say, take the flu shot for "herd immunity" well I don't think herd immunity works when a vaccine is only 41% successful.  Measles and Diphtheria vaccines are around 95% effective. 


This link from the CDC shows the ingredients for all vaccines, go to the second page for the influenza vaccine ingredients.  This is just a few.

         Beta-propiolactone                                     Nonylpheno ethoxylate
         Thimerosal (ethyl mercury)                         Octylphenol
         Neomycin                                                    Egg proteins
         Cetyltrimethylammonium bromid                Gentamicin Sulfate

14.  This is MSDS for Thimerosal, read and decide for yourself if you want it in your blood. (Thimerosal is in the multidose flu shot only).

14a.  More data on Thimerosal, says even at Vaccine levels is a poison with many serious consequences.              Thimerosal now only in multi-dose flu shots.  If you have to take a flu shot, don’t take this one.

14b.  This MSDS for Formaldehyde. Hazardous in case of ingestion or eye contact.  This says Formaldehyde can cause cancer. Read under heading “What Experts Agencies say”, causes leukemia. 

14c.  MSDS for Octylphenol, says can cause chemical burns in oral cavity and gastrointestinal tract.
  You get the idea, you can Google the rest yourself.

Note:  I would like to say that from everything I have read, my layman's point of view:  I don't think  the actual ingredients are the main problem of vaccines.  The real problem is, the reaction it provokes in your body.  It is the "over revving" of the immune system for one. For example kids occasionally get febrile seizers after vaccination.(Links 21 and 134)  To just say, "the flu shot provokes an immune response", is grossly over simplifying what's happening to your system.  Read next section.  


If there were zero side effects of flu shot, I would say take the shot, even if only only works 10% of the time, but that is far from true, all vaccines and drugs have side effects.  This is next topic.

-Below is 10 articles and studies showing if you a take a flu shot more than 1 year in a row, it becomes much less effective and can actually make you more likely to get the flu in certain years depending on strains. You get negative interference from previous shots. (Hoskins effect)
     No, the flu shot does not actually give you the flu (at least that’s what they saying),  

15.  This Norwegian study, asks, "taking too many taking flu vaccine"?  Then under heading “Undermining Themselves” says "Heath personnel who are routinely vaccinated, can become more prone to a more serious type of influenza". Article suggest they should not be vaccinated. (So if you get a flu shot every year, you are more likely to get a pandemic flu than someone who only gets a flu shot when a pandemic comes.)
    Then under heading “Inner Part of Virus” says “catching a seasonal flu can create a resistance that a vaccine fails to give you". The body forms an immunity to the inner parts of the virus, which do not constantly evolve at a rapid pace.  Then says infection can protect against subsequent influenzas and can also guard  against new strains of influenza, such as those that might cause a pandemic.  
   Then says “so we think that people who vaccinate themselves without needing the vaccine, may suffer for it later.
   Note: Norway, like most countries, does not have a universal flu shot mandate like the US, that's why it says Health care workers instead of everyone.

15a. Fourth paragraph down, says "you are more likely to get the flu if you take multiple year flu shots".  Flu shot becomes less effective.

16. This says if you get a yearly flu shot, you almost double your chance of getting the flu.  And says this problem is now being found in Hong kong Japan and the US.  (I notice rather than suspend the flu shot they say to keep giving it to people while they study it.)

16a.  This says flu shot may protect you from one virus strain, but make you more likely to get the flu from a different virus strain.  So more likely to  get the flu.  So is it worth it to risk a flu shot every year, considering you have less than 2 chances in  a million of dying of the flu?  The measles or polio vaccine you take once in your life and it's worth the risk.

  This study says “There is an increased risk of respiratory virus infections if you get a flu shot.  Being protected with flu shot, recipients may lack temporary protection  against other respiratory viruses”. (This seems like same problem as Link 16a.)

16c.  This Australian article questions taking a flu shot every year. It makes it more dangerous for you when a new strain comes along. (My link 15 above verify's this.)
Further down, article says, even with a 80% uptake of flu shot in hi risk groups, we have seen no real drop in mortality in winter deaths. (Flu shot barely works)

17.  This 2013 study done in Michigan, says if you have a flu shot 2 or more years in a row, it will not work.  Remember all vaccines and drugs have risk, you do not want to take them unless they are really going to  help you.

17a. - More data showing repeat flu shots are a problem, the latest info here.  2nd paragraph says "if you have had the flu shot 3 years in a row, you actually had a “higher” risk getting the flu than if you were not vaccinated at all".  And further down it says you have about a 50% more chance of getting flu than if your were not vaccinated. 

17b.  -  2017 study with 14 doctors signed off on.  More proof on the Serial flu shot problem. Good read.  Study shows that this problem was discovered back in 1970’s and they found that in 1976 if you had flu shots previously, you were up to 50% more likely to get the flu than someone who had no shot. Just Like they found in 2009 and 2014 seasons. They also found that all years after 2009, except 2010/11 season serial flu shots made the flu shot less effective.
   Also says the two studies that deny the serial flu shot problem were done wrong, there are 1990's studies and do vaccine effectiveness studies wrong.

This says as well that flu vaccine looses its effectiveness if you get yearly shots.

19.  This also says yearly flu shots make you more likely to get the flu, and they then did 5 additional studies that confirmed the initial findings.

20.  Says "Catching the real flu builds up immunity to other sub types as well, and the flu shot prevents this from happening". Multiple season flu shots inhibits development of virus specific CD8 Tcell responses.  (what is happening to our immune system?)

20a.. Says kids exposed  to the flu build up life long immunity to more serious strains of the flu.  (So it may be good to get the flu sooner than later, best time is while young and healthy. The flu shot, since it works so poorly, it will just delay the inevitable. You will get the flu once in your life at least, so would it is best to allow it to happen while young and healthy and build up immunity. Taking a flu shot may mess up this process? Link 20)

-Auto-immune diseases have been rising. Below are links showing Neurological/autoimmune problems from Vaccine.  Fifty percent of Americans now have at least one chronic health problem(Link 21a)
    Some of the links below include all vaccines.   I am not going to get into the risk/benefit ratio of other vaccines, just the flu shot.

Says “Systemic autoimmunity appears to be the inevitable consequence of over-stimulating the hosts’s immune system by repeated immunization. (a yearly flu shot.)
    So is it worth it to risk a flu shot every year, considering you have less than 2 chances in  a million of dying of the flu?  The measles or polio vaccine you take once in your life and it's worth the risk and why we have the VICP.(Link 32)

21a.  Says 50% Americans have at least one chronic health condition.  

22.  This talks about “vaccine induced immune overload” which is causing many autoimmune diseases.  (This study I hesitate putting here. It has been controversial, and some authority's say it was poorly done, or is the industry just protecting itself. You decide for yourself).

23.  This study looked at all European adverse reactions in year 2009/2010 to the influenza vaccine.  Says “there were 50,221 adverse reactions and of those 314 were Auto-immune disorders AID. About half of those were Guillian Barre Syndrome GBS, 
others were, thrombocytopenia purport,acute disseminated encephalomyelitis, (all life changing serious problems).
If anyone says vaccines don’t cause autoimmune problems or brain encephalitis, here is proof.  This from the Merck Manual. Headline says  "Encephalitis or brain damage is inflammation of the brain  that occurs when a virus or vaccine triggers it".
Then 6th bullet point says “A virus or vaccine triggers a reaction that makes the immune system attack brain tissue an, autoimmune reaction". (Question is how often)?

24a.  Third sentence here says Encephalomyelitis is usually precipitated by a vaccination or viral infection. Do you want to flip the dice with a unnecessary yearly flu shot)?   A vaccine can trigger Encephalomyelitis and so can influenza, which is more likely, that is the question.  Think about this, you only get the real flu every 10 to 15 years(Link 40), but your suppose to take the flu shot every year.

25.  . 
 Doctors saying adjuvants in vaccines are causing autoimmune problems. Starts off with a influenza vaccine example. 

26   This is package insert for Fluarix Quadravalent. See page 10 and 11 here.  Show over 25 different serious side effects of this flu vaccine. Everything from Encephalomyelitis (brain damage) to GBS and Asthma (line 207). 
   The above do not happen very often, that's why they are in the post marketing section, as most trials only include hundreds or a few thousand  people. If just 3 or 4 of the 25 events happen 2 or 3 times in a million, is the risk worth it if there is only 2 chances in a million of dying of the flu or tiny risk of hospitalization?
  Also note top of page 11 says that there IS a causal relationship between the above serious events and the vaccine, but can't determine how often.

27.  Read first sentence under bottom graph, shows Influenza shot has top spot for deaths.
   Note:  Under reporting to VAERS is over 90% and yes I know nothing has been proved that is reported here, but it has not been disproved either.  Doctors do not report something to VAERS unless they believe the vaccine caused the problem. So you cannot ignore the data, and this is the same data that the CDC uses to monitor vaccine safety.
       This link also shows about 35,000 vaccine adverse events serious enough to be reported each year in the US, that works out to 1 in 10,000 or if you took 90% under reporting into account, it would be 1 in 1000.  Remember "they" want you to take the flu shot every year.  Also remember you have only two chances in a million of dying of the flu, and if you take the vaccine, you can still get the flu, as is only 30% effective.(Links 8 to 11)
     If you don't/ know what VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, is the system the CDC uses to track vaccine injuries) is, please Google it.

28.  See bottom graph here.  Shows that it is much more dangerous to give flu shot to children under 5.  The CDC recommends every person over 6 months old get a flu shot. Notice, it is the years after 2005 that are the worst, which is when CDC mandated all kids over 6 months old get flu shot. 
    Remember this is over 90% under reporting to VAERS. (ask your doctor if he has ever reported and Adverse event).

29.  See second chart here.  Shows highest rates of Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS) for the flu shot.
  Please remember for all the VAERS data I show above, there is massive under reporting, 90 to 99%,  and also that the data has not been confirmed just reported,  but a doctor would not report something if he did not think the vaccine caused it.

30. Read first page here near top on far righthand column says only 1% of adverse events reported to VAERS system.
30a.  Talks about the serious underreporting to the VAERS.  Also about febrile convulsions after the flu vaccine.

31.  Click the “Side Effects” tab, to see all the potential side effects from the flu shot.  There are some serious neurological disorders, and under heading “other” says .1% chance of death.(I hope thats a typo, I don’t think the chance of death is that high). 

31a. Read this for a long list of serious complaints from people who got the flu shot. Were any of these reported to VAERS?

31b. -  Says there is 1.3 chance in a million of anaphylaxis after vaccination.

31c. This new 2017 study used scanning electron microscopes and found most vaccines have minute contaminants in them.  This study says these contaminants could be the cause of many vaccine adverse events like SIDS and many immune diseases. Read "Discussion". These particles also cause continuous inflammation for long term problems. Is this another factor to add to the risk/benefit ratio of the flu shot? (See Link 31d, related)

31d. This study used scanning electron microscope to find particulate matter in blood.  Found a significant overload of nanoparticles in blood in Leukemia patients.  They wonder if this could be novel pathogenetic mechanism for AML  acute myeloid leukemia.
   Read my link 43 above, The contaminates found in this study are some of the same nano particles found in vaccines, including flu shots.  AM Gatti is one of the authors of this study and Link 43 study.  12 doctors signed this study.

31e.  See Results, This new 2017 study shows the flu shot can give certain susceptible young children several different brain disorders, like hyper activity. This study looked at kids 6 to 15 years old. (but what about in kids under two, where the flu shot does not work for them anyways is it worth the risk? Kids under 2 would be at more risk for this problem than  6 year olds ) Read Discussion section.  The flu vaccine is the worst, it is a annual vaccine.  The other vaccines are once in your life and we figure it is worth the benefit is worth the risk? 

31f.  Says evidence for the associate of vaccinations and many autoimmune diseases is presented in this review.  Mentions many problems. Is the flu shot worth the risk?

31g. .  This study looked at 2010/11 season. Said there was 2 to 5 chances per million risk of GBS from the flu shot.  This is higher than the CDC says.  Notice there are 10 doctors signed off on this study.

31h.-  This Says "A wide variety of inflammatory diseases are associated with various vaccines".  Then says "the most commonly reported vaccines associated with CNS demyelinating disease are Influenza and HPV and takes a average of 14 days to show up".

31i. -  Read the “Discussion” section of this. Says “repeated vaccination when young, substantially increases risk of influenza in older age.”  Also says natural infection gives better immunity than vaccination. Given all the above, is the flu shot worth the risk, a vaccine we don't really need and one that barely works.

   -If you do not believe all the above, here is more proof.  The US has a VICP “Vaccine Injury Compensation Program”.  This was brought in 1986 after it was made that you cannot sue vaccine makers.  See page 5. It shows  there has been 2767 serious flu vaccine injuries including 104 deaths between 1988 to 2016.  And these are just injuries that compensation was applied for.

   Many Americans do not know about this program, many do not have the resources to get a lawyer and try for compensation, and many have not connected their symptoms to the vaccine, or their doctors just said it was a coincidence.  There are 1000's of serious events that are not counted here, see Link 27 which has over 90% under reporting.
    Here is some of the things people get compensation for.  See (link 33 below), things like GBS,  Radial nerve injury, Neurological injury, Transverse Myelitis,  Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy (CIDP),  Myelopathy-Frozen shoulder Syndrome,  Neuralgic Amyotrophy- Pasonnage-Turner Syndrome,  Ideopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura, Encephalitis,  and Death.

33.  For a different look at serious problems that the flu shot causes see this link. This is a firm of lawyers that get people damaged by vaccines compensation from the US Government’s  Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) mentioned above. Notice most of the claims are flu shot injury’s.  This is just one firm, there are many more.  The chance of these things happening is small, but again I say, so is your chance of being hospitalized or dying of the flu. Is it worth the risk?


    It has been well known for years, that the flu shots barely work or not work at all in the elderly.  Their immune system get very weak and the flu shot can’t stimulate an immune response.  The flu is unfortunately more dangerous for them as well, but taking the flu shot is not going to help.
     Recently, they invented a “High Dose” flu shot for just the elderly.  It has 4 times as  much antigen.  The manufacture Sanofi Pastueru, finished the first study on it in 2014 which that says it is 24% more effective than the standard flu shot.(It also has more side effects per the study)Note that this is a Industry study so unreliable.(Link 46) 
       A new study says it is 1.2% effective.(link 38)

34.  See page 39 at this link.  This shows American stat’s for both influenza and pneumonia separated out.  Notice 62 kids deaths under age 14 in a country of 300 million, a bit over 1 per state.  Also notice that by far the majority of the flu deaths are over 75 years old.

34a.  Says “The available evidence is of poor quality and provides no guidance regarding the safety, efficacy or effectiveness of flu shots those over 65”.  Then says “publicly funded studies need to be done”.

35.  Good write up on flu vaccine in old people by 6 time Emmy nominated and award winning journalist.  Also has link to original JAMA study or see (link 36).

36.  This study shows that as uptake of flu vaccine increased from 1960’s to 2002 the deaths of seniors from flu did not go down but went up steadily. Flu shot did nothing.
   Also says seniors acquired some immunity to flu from previous pandemics.

37.  This study also shows seniors get no benefit from flu shot.

38.  This is the second study done on the HI Dose flu shot for elderly.  This one was done by A University Hospital med centre.  Says Hi-Dose flu shot was 1.2% better that the regular flu shot. And they call that “significantly” better.  Says “need to treat 83 patients to stop one person from getting the flu.

38a.  This study dated March 2015, Says "Hi dose flu vaccine was not found to be more effective than the Standard Dose vaccine", but there was some benefit for those over 85. (Hi dose vaccine has more side effects).

38b.  The 9th paragraph down, says vaccine effectiveness is not statistically significant in those over 65.  Says we clearly need more and better vaccine strategies. 

38c. -   This is the only study I could find that said the flu shot worked for seniors.  See bottom of study.  This shows the lead author and one other works for 3 pharmaceutical companies and gets grants as well from them.  So is a junk study(link 46).

38d. -
 A few paragraphs down says, "Flu shot was ineffective in senoirs 4 of last 7 seasons." 

39.  This is the package insert for Fluzone High-Dose vaccine. Page 5 line 8 says “systemic adverse events were more frequent after vaccination with High Dose shot.  See table on page 6, hight rates of adverse events for both types of flu shots.  Then page 6/7 line 14 says 7.4% experienced a serious adverse event. Page 7 says the 2nd study done there was 8.3% of Hi-Dose patients had a SAE and 9% of the regular flu shot had a SAE over a 6 month surveillance period. 
   See page 7 and 8 for a long list of serious side effects that were observed after the study.  They probably do not happen very often, but shows any flu shot is not a benign thing and you do not want to take one if it barely works.


40. shows how many people actually get flu every year. Says "5% to 10% for adults" and 20 to 30% for kids.  So an adult will get the flu about every 10 to 15 years. Or maybe every 20 years, see Link 40b.
   If you did get a flu shot and did not get sick, you could delude yourself that the flu shot worked, when actually you probably would not get the flu anyways.
   And you would have got a sore arm and flu like systems for a few days (or much more) for nothing. (I have had the flu maybe twice in my adult life, but I get colds every year.  No I don't take the flu shot).

40a. Says only 12% of the 234,000 specimens tested, were positive for influenza. (2nd paragraph). The hospital only tests you if they think you might have the flu, so this shows that most people who think they have the flu, actually have the rhinovirus, stomach flu or some other and the flu shot will do nothing for it. 

Near bottom of this article, headline says we may only get the real flu every 20 years. This from Canada's top epidemiologist.

41. This shows percentages of people taking flu shot each year. 43% for adults and 59% for kids.


The CDC uses "Industry sponsored" studies most of the time

42.  This shows doctors with the Journal “The Lancet” saying up to half of all medical research may simply be untrue.

43.   This from the prestigious Cochrane reports. This article says there are no good studies on the safety of vaccines given to children.  Also says under Authors Conclusions  “Flu vaccine in specific cases was associated with serious harm, such as narcolepsy and febrile convulsions in children, and the flu shot was about as good as a placebo in kids under two”
   Then goes on to say Industry funded studies were more likely to be biased.
  Then says “reliable  evidence on influenza vaccines is thin and there is evidence of widespread manipulation of conclusions”.

44.  This from the BMJ.  4th paragraph says “ So why are we vaccinating so many people in whom we have no proof that the flu vaccine works?”  Also says “ flu vaccine studies are of poor quality”.

44a.  Here the bottom of first paragraph says "The influenza vaccine might be less beneficial and less safe than has been claimed and the threat of influenza appears overstated". 
For this and the above link, read the "Responses Tab" after reading the Article, interesting.

 Click “Download Paper” to get whole article.  This link shows 3 Harvard scientists warn about an epidemic of side effects due to corruption and influencing of drug testing and safety.  Much more here, incredible read.

46.  The BMJ asks? Should Journals stop publishing research funded by the drug industry?  This article basically says all research from the industry is suspect. 2nd paragraph says prescribed drugs are the 3rd leading cause of death. (A must read)   Read last paragraph on first page of this article.  It basically says, major journals will print anything put out by a pharmaceutical like Merck, even though it is false data.  When you see an article that says the flu vaccine causes no harm, ask who paid for it, who did it and how was it done, as it is most likely from the "Industry".  First page in above article says two thirds of clinical trials published in journals, are from the Industry.  Same paragraph also talks about how they use Ghost writers to falsify data and put famous doctors names on them.(see link 121 below for more on this).   

47.  This is for those that say it is hardly worth while for the Pharmaceuticals to make the flu vaccine(that was true 15 years ago).  5th paragraph down, says GSK is questioning some of its higher priced drug deals and says the future is about lower priced goods like the flu shot.
(an annual flu shot for 300 million people in the US plus what ever the rest of the world uses is big business, also for the doctors, pharmacies and pediatricians).  

    I could show you a hundred more links on this topic of Pharmaceutical criminals.(Links 100 to 133 below)  They have corrupted Congress, FDA ,CDC and the medical system.  All data that come from them are suspect, being completely false to slight distortions of the truth.  (Read Link #116 below)
    Why does the CDC push the flu vaccine so hard, given all the evidence above? Who are they working for?


-You here this all the time, "your being selfish if you do not get a flu shot", or "get your shot to protect the elderly." Sorry, I don't buy that. My arguments here.

1.- You are not going to get herd immunity with a flu shot that works on average 41% or less.  And when you factor in the "Serial flu shot problem" it is even less effective.

2.-Reread my links 19 to 27, especially 23a,26,26a, young people should not be taking a flu shot every year. As you read thru these links you see that you are leaving yourself open to a more serious flu or respiratory disease. There are several hundred different flu viruses and they are always mutating. There are many diseases we have never been able to make a vaccine for and the flu is one we are not having much luck with.
 Also important is the research is now showing that it may be a mistake to try and stop young healthy people from getting the flu with a flu shot. See point #4 below at K "Important Points".

3.-CDC wants everyone to get the flu shot to protect the elderly, because the flu shot does not work for them. "I am old, I do not want young people getting a flu shot that barely works and can potentially damage their health, just to give me some minor protection. That would be selfish of me. Young people are much more important than us old people!"

4.-The CDC also wants everyone to get a flu shot to protect kids. As we showed at top of this post, there is only 130 child deaths a year, they are doing okay. 130 deaths in a country of 315 million does not warrant the expense or dangers of the flu shot. The risk/ benefit ratio is not in their or your favour. And according to Cochrane studies above, the flu shot will not reduce hospitalizations(Link 10).

                                    K.  IMPORTANT POINTS

1.-Most people who think they have the flu or influenza do not. People who say they get the flu every year do not have the real flu. It will be the rhinovirus, stomach flu, or some other bug and the flu shot is not meant to do anything for these. Link 40a, shows that only 12% of the specimens the CDC tests, test positive for the flu, and you are not tested unless you or they think you might have the flu.

2.-If you do get the flu, you probably will not get the real flu again for at least 10 to 15 years or every 20 years.(Link 40,40b). So if you take a flu shot every year, you will be risking it for nothing. You may think it is working, but you would not have got the flu anyways.

3.-There is also evidence now that most people may only get the real flu 1 to 3 times in their whole adult life.(wether you get a flu shot or not) Help me with a unscientific survey. Ask your older friends and family how many times they have had the flu as an adult. The answers I always get is, "once or twice" or "I have no idea". No one remembers as I child, so am dealing with adults only.

4.-Research is showing that it may actually be a good idea to get the flu while you are young and healthy so you can recover easily from it. Your body then acquires some immunity to all strains of the flu and you are less likely to get it again and if you do it is not as severe. Links 15,36, 105a.
The people who do the best when a pandemic comes along are those who had the flu in the past. Those who take a flu shot every year, leave themselves wide open to getting the pandemic flu and will be hardest hit.
The people who only take a flu shot when a pandemic comes along will do much better than those who take a flu shot every year. Link 15. and 15 to 25.

The flu shot works less than 50% so you will eventually get the flu. The shot just delays the inevitable, so it is better to get the flu while young and healthy.
Taking a flu shot may actually mess up the process of building immunity to the flu. Read these two studies before you give your kid the flu shot. Links 20, 20a, and then 15 again. Remember there are only about 130 child flu deaths a year in the US. With so few deaths, is the risk/benefit ratio in their favour? Read link 36 again.
 The flu shot may actually make him more likely to get sick as links 19 to 25 show, and read links 12 to 12c, shows kids under 2 should not be risking a flu shot.

5.-Do to a powerful Industry lobby(Link 116 below), the US has already made the flu shot mandatory in the states of New Jersey and Connecticut for kids to go to pre-school or daycare and more states are considering it. If we don't fight it we are next.

6.-What about hospitalizations? You don't take vaccines to just to stop a few hospitalizations. Vaccines are not benign things. They are to be taken only if really needed to save lives. Anyways the Cochrane reports show that the flu shot has little to no effect on hospitalizations and working days lost.(Link #9).

7.-I hear people say you must take a flu shot because the CDC says so. They know what there doing right? They would not lie.
I don't think they are lying. I believe they are a large Federal bureaucracy's stuck in a dogma of old science that has come from the Industry rather than their own research. Until the last couple years they believed the flu shot worked like 70% to 80% effective, and that has changed(Link #8a).  They say tens of thousands are dying of the flu, though they know the science behind this is iffy, and I have showed that is not true, and many of their own scientists know this.
Reread my section (Links 42 to 47) on bad science.
    The Pharmaceuticals, Pharmacies, and Academy of Pediatricians all have vested interests in promoting a yearly flu shot and put pressure on the CDC. (Links 47, 102) It is not easy to say lets back off on the flu shot.

8. Read Link#107a,  this from the New York Times and quotes top doctor saying "the Flu shot does not protect as promoted, its all a sales job. We have over-promoted and over hyped this vaccine."  The report they worked on also shows "that federal vaccination recommendations, which have expanded in recent years, are based on inadequate evidence and poorly executed studies".  This is pretty much what I have already said in my "Science Behind the Flu Shot" section H just above.


   -You have about a 8% chance of getting the flu each year, and if you do get the flu you will be fine in 5 to 12 days. Link 40
   -You have 1 to 2 chances in a million of dying of the flu if you are under 65 IF you get the flu.(see "Some interesting Math" headline B above)

  - You may still get the flu, vaccine only 41% effective on average. Links 8-10
  -If you take a yearly flu shot you are more likely to get the flu. Links 15 - 20
  - You have a 1.5 in a million of getting GBS. Link 26 & 31
  -You have a 1.3 in a million of having a anaphylaxis after shot Link 31b.
  -You have a chance of getting some form of neurological/ autoimmune disease Link 21-26
  -You have a chance of narcolepsy or febrile seizures. Link 43.
  -You have a chance of other diseases mentioned above Links 26,31 & 33.
  -There is a chance of death if you take the flu shot. Link 27 & 32

Looks like the odds are in favour of not taking a flu vaccine.  
I think the only people who should take the flu vaccine are those with serious health problems.  Otherwise shouldn’t the Universal Influenza recommendation be withdrawn?

      If after all this you still feel you need a flu shot, read link #133 below.

   Question- Do you know anyone who has died of the flu?  I don’t.

                                    THE END



100.  Says most published research findings are false, due to bias and other reasons.  

  Good write up on vaccination and autoimmune diseases.

102.  This article is about a Pediatrician  telling other doctors how you make lots of money giving out the flu shot. After driving up the fear level of the flu, the article describes how giving out the flu shot can add $25,000 to $42,000 to their practice.
    IMPORTANT: Read this doctors disclosure statement at bottom of article, He is paid by Merck Pharmaceuticals to convince doctors to push vaccines, just as he is doing in this article.

103.  Shows mainstream organizations defending vaccines are paid by drug companies.

104.  Says flu shot among others causes many serious neurological problems.  (Taking a Diphtheria vaccine is one thing but is taking a yearly flu shot that barely works for something that is not going to kill you, worth it?)

104a.   Flu shot may be causing Non Hodgkins Lymphoma.  You risk it every year you take it.  See next link.

104b.  Influencza vaccine causing non hodgkins lymphoma.  See above link 104a.

105. Insights to flu shot.  90% of flu deaths are people over 70 years old.  Also says could not see a drop in seniors influenza deaths with the increased uptake of the flu shot.  Also says vaccine effectiveness has been largely over estimated due to profound bias.

105a. -  People carry antibodies or immunity all their life to old flu’s like the 1918 Spanish flu.  They tested old people who were around during the 1918 pandemic.  (Thats why it is good to get the real flu while young and healthy)

105b. First section of this shows that 33,800 Americans died in the 1968 Hong Kong Flu pandemic.

105c. -  This shows how many confirmed deaths for 2009 flu pandemic by country. 3,433 for the US.

106.  Australia newspaper reports Public health experts to monitor fluvax flu vaccine after it emerged that young children were more likely to end up in hospital because of side effects from flu vaccine than from the disease itself.

107. Must Watch Video- PHD Doctor Mark Geier a famous genetic scientist, and worked on improving vaccines over the years.  Says we should get rid of the flu shot, risk benefit ratio not worth it. 
    He says you can't vaccinate for something that changes every year, and there is not time to test each new vaccine every year, you are the guinea pig.  Good video from a leading expert.  Says flu shot has about a 9% efficacy, and the US death toll from the actual flu is about 800 to 1000 not 36,000 (like the CDC says where they add in all pneumonia deaths like Canada does).

107a.  This article From the New York Times Well section questions the value of the flu shot.  Dr Michael Osterholm, Director of the Center of Excellence for Influenza Research and Surveillance says "Flu does not protect as promoted.  It's all a sales job: It's all public relations."  "We have over-promoted and over-hyped this vaccine.

108. This says flu vaccine does not lower risk of hospitalization and does not support the hypothesis that vaccination mitigates influenza illness severity.

109.  Top doctor says CDC hypes flu danger and makes outrageous claims about flu deaths  by adding in pneumonia deaths, and he also says most side effects not reported.  Also read comments at bottom of article.

110.  This shows what causes pneumonia, like many types of bacteria or viruses.  There are over 30 different things that can cause pneumonia.
    Under heading “Germs that can cause pneumonia” says the pneumococus bacteria is the most common cause of pneumonia. (There is another vaccine for that, that some take and it’s called the Pneumococcal Vaccine).
112.  This 2010 Cochrane study looked at the available evidence whether the flu shot worked in the elderly.  It says “The available evidence is of poor quality and provides no guidance regarding the safety or efficacy of the flu shot for people over 65.

113.  Great article on why not to take a flu shot,  repeats a lot of what I say above, along with some other good insights.

114. -  Good article saying flu shot not important and not work very well.  Also Europe does not use the flu shot for everyone like the US and Canada, and that we are overreacting.
 This article, about 1/3 way down, talks about how they decided to go from just recommending the flu shot for just unhealthy people to recommending it for everyone.  No science involved, just a, oh well, we might as well make everyone take the vaccine. (Scary)
    This article also has the typical flu shot nonsense.  Read the 8th paragraph from bottom that says "Nasal spray vaccine there is evidence of high protection".  Now reread my link 8b from the CDC above, that says "they have now found after studying it for three years it works at most 3%".  So the CNN article was just quoting Industry funded studies or what some doctor told them and the doctor getting his info from pharmaceutical sales reps.

115.  New York times says doctors paid millions to push certain drugs on their patients.

116.  Pharmaceuticals spend $900 million  lobbying the government over 7 years, more than any other industry, and lobbyed 1600 pieces of legislation. (So do we trust the government  and CDC to make decisions that are best for us?)

117.  FDA checks pharmaceutical research every year. This year they found 57 papers with either falsified data, not reporting adverse events properly, failure to protect patients and more.  Then says FDA released none of this to the public or corrected the peer reviewed journals.(This is just what they found, it is impossible for them to verify every study in every journal, every year).

118.  The peer review process has many problems, and does not necessarily mean much.

120.  Large amount of fraud amongst published drug studies.

121.  This shows one of the methods pharmaceuticals put out fake data, by using professional ghost writers.  JAMA or American Medical Journal published an editorial questioning whether Merck might have deliberately manipulated dozens of supposed academic published documents in order to promote the drug vioxx under false pretences.

122.  Another book by a couple of doctors who say evidence based medicine is gone due to biased trials and selective publication. Evidence of these faults are clearest in industry-funded studies.

122a.  This from the BMJ, says  the CDC is receiving funding from industry. 2015  The CDC receives millions of dollars in funding and industry gifts, raising questions about some of their guidelines. 

123.   The CDC, can you trust them, interesting write up.  

123a. This says much research is now written by Ghost writers.  Typically the practice involves industry financed writers generating articles that either promote the sponsor’s product or discredit competing ones, with eventual authorship credited to academic researchers who provide little or no Input,  thereby concealing industry involvement.  Some journal editors, fully aware, refuse to police their content.  
   The Conclusion says “situation is so dire that the public is forced to seek judicial intervention”.

123b.  Amazing read.  This says “ Only a fraction of what physicians do is based on solid evidence. And Americans receive medications and treatments that have no proven clinical benefit and also millions fail to get care that is proven to be effective.” Also says “Half of what doctors to is wrong and less than 20% of what doctors do has solid research to support it” Dozens of stakeholders are always jockeying to promote their vested interests, making things even more difficult. And much more here. 

123c.  Shows how the pharmaceuticals influence doctor training from medical school and into their career.

123d.- Says medical students get substantial contact with pharmaceutical marketing and gifts.  Pharma teaches their version of the efficacy of drugs and side effects.

124.  Drug company complete corruption by former editor of the BMJ.

125. -  This shows a letter to the President from a number of FDA scientists that says the FDA is riddled with corruption.

125a.-  This also shows how corrupt the FDA is.

125b. -  GlaxoSmithKline fined 3 billion dollars for numerous fraud and criminal charges.  One of the larges vaccine makers.

 Long list of fines and criminal activity from GlaxoSmithKline.  This is just when they got caught, how much crime is really going on.

125b. .  Forbes asks “is big pharma addicted to fraud”?  (GSK is  near top for criminal misdeeds, and one of the biggest vaccine makers now).

     If a company (in this case GlaxoSmithKline) puts a product on the market that they know will kill many people, and know it does not work as good as a competitors drug and hide the negative study results. This product then kills many people. (mass murder?) They just get a fine.  They caused up to 100,000 heart attacks and up to 1000 deaths.

127.  This shows how pharmaceutical reps track a doctors prescription writing habits and keep a profile on him, so they know how and which doctors to target. Says the AMA condones it,  and they aid and abet.

127a. Just a thought. Don’t expect to get good advice from your doctor about the flu shot, unless he has done his own research or read all the links here in my flu post(a year of research).  Because he will know very little.  Everything that he knows from his first day in doctor school to now, comes via the “Industry”. The data the colleges teaches to the doctor all comes via the industry, and thus slanted. He will just quote the CDC mantra to you about the flu shot.(Links 123c and 123d)

128.  Americans use more pharmaceuticals per person than any other country, they also pay more for them than any other country. (And they are not any healthier for it.  According to Wikipedia, the US has the 31 lowest life expectancy of any 1st world country).Link 129

128a. Says about 43% of US kids have at least 1 of 20 chronic health conditions.  But this study is not interested in why, just if they have insurance(and how much money the system can make taking care of them).  

129.  The US is ranked 31 for life expectancy, about the lowest for 1st world countries. Canada is 12th.

130.  Sanofi Pasteur the larges manufacturer of vaccines has numerous quality control problems in their vaccine factories per the FDA.

131.  Prescription drugs are the 4th leading cause of death in the US. 
    The US citizen is bombarded by pharmaceutical commercials every night on TV.  All western countries have banned their advertising except New Zealand and the U.S..  You can thank Link #116 above for that.  Tobacco company advertising has been banned in the U.S. and others for years.
 This excellent link shows Health care spending, pharmaceutical spending and outcomes for 12 OECD countries. Canada and US included.  The US spends more on healthcare and Pharmaceuticals and they take more pharmaceuticals than any other, they still have the worst outcomes. (Wikipedia shows the US has the lowest life expectancy and the highest infant mortality of all these countries). (is all this because of link 131)?  

133. Scroll down to Table 1 in this link.  Shows the US is the only country in this list to have a universal flu mandate.  28 countries in Europe only recommend the flu shot for the elderly and some hi risk groups.
  IMPORTANT: So given that Europeans do not use the flu shot much, how come they live longer and healthier, and have a lower infant mortality rate?  They are not all dying of the flu. There are other factors involved of course, but not taking the flu shot is not hurting them.  Canada and the US are just about the only countries with a universal flu mandate. 
   The US has the highest up take of the flu shot anywhere. The US is ranked 38th for infant mortality and 31 for life expectancy per Wikipedia. (Link 129) About the lowest in 1st world countries.
-47% of Americans take a flu shot. (Bombarded by a fear mongering media.)
-32% of Canadians take a flu shot
-23% of Europeans take a flu shot

134. This, and link below, are one of very few so called anti-vax links I have posted, though that does not mean it's not true.  This, written by a doctor, explains what vaccines do to your body and keeping your immune system constantly jazzed up by injection vaccine adjuvants into your blood.
 (Taking a vaccine once in your life for measles and Diphtheria is one thing, but taking a yearly flu shot, that barely works, every year of your life, for something that has a 1.7 chance in a million of killing you? Insane.)

134a.  Lots of good stuff about autoimmune diseases and vaccination.  Do you want to flip the dice year after year with the flu shot that barely works and you don't need. The more important vaccines are once in your life and worth the risk.

135. - Poland had only 95 deaths from influenza in 2012.  Only 2.3% of population was vaccinated, they are not all dying of the flu.  Population of Poland is 38 million. Note: Poland is not exaggerating flu deaths by adding in pneumonia deaths like the CDC does.

136.  This is a long list of people who’s kid was damaged by vaccines.  Common theme here is when parent takes  their damaged kid back to doctor days, the doctor just says it's a coincidence, a vaccine can't do that and sends them home.
   Seems best thing is to wait until kid is at least 3 for 4 and to give them one at a time. And skip the flu shot.

 This is Indiana state. Read page 4. Says Influenza associated deaths are reportable within 72 hours.  Then says as of Dec/2015 flu-associated deaths are reportable if either lab confirmed or listed as cause of death on death certificate. So will be close but not 100% accurate. 
-Only one year to work with here, so no average, but lets see what we get.  2015/2016 flu season 69 deaths.  So 69 deaths and population of 6.5 million is just over 10 chances per million of dying of the flu for all ages.  So similar to  Canada and Connecticut.
You could argue that some people who for ex. had cancer got the flu and then died and they put down on death certificate he died of cancer, so would not be added to the flu death total.  That’s true but you could also argue that this same person with cancer who got flu like systems and they put down he died of the flu, and it gets counted as a flu death and he did not actually have influenza.  We know that only 12% of the people who think they have the real flu actually have it, most have something else and the flu vaccine does nothing for it(See Link 146).


  The WHO is the World Health Organization and they are responsible for declaring when a contagious disease becomes a pandemic.

       The 2009 Pandemic called SWINE  FLU, was later changed to H1N1.  Judging by the links below, (Quoting) "the 2009 Pandemic was all hype and little danger and was pushed by the pharmaceuticals to sell vaccines, and a willing media went for it."
     Remember all the scary headlines?  And in the end it all disappeared and no big deal.    But it cost us Billions in vaccines that were hardly used.  

160.  Wolfgang Wodarg, chairman of the Health Committer of The European Counsel. Says "we have a mild flu - and a false pandemic."  And then goes on to say this pandemic " is one of the greatest medical scandals of the century".   He then called for an emergency debate about the influence of the Pharmaceutical industry on the WHO.  Governments have sealed contracts with vaccine producers that secure orders in advance and they take the financial responsability as well.  If the WHO says "pandemic" the contracts are acted on.  
   Wolfgang also finds it suspicious that the WHO changed the definition of a pandemic on its homepage in May 2009 to make it easier to call a pandemic. 

160a.  This link to a major German paper, says WHO stands for World Hysteria Organization, read this is good article, shows bad behaviour from the pharmacuticlals and the WHO, and millions of unused vaccines sold to countries for nothing.  Also mentions SARS.

160b.  Goto title called "Accusation of conflict of interest" Wikipedia says the chairman of the health committee at the Council of  Europe says the swine flu pandemic was a "campaign of panic" to put pressure on the WHO to declare a pandemic to sell vaccines. 
    Also in this link at title "Vaccines", says H1N1 vaccine was only 56% effective.

160c.  The BMJ  British Medical Journal investigates 2009 flu pandemic Hoax.  Raise troubling questions.

160d. In the UK, 60 victims of the swine flu vaccine who suffered brain damage, are to receive 60 million pounds payout.  Article suggests there is many more victims out there.

160e.  H1N1 pandemic greatly exaggerated.  From Washington Post. And question the WHO's handling of this pandemic.

160f.   Page 38 says 2918 deaths from flu for 2009 Swine flu pandemic year.  2005 had 1812 deaths and 2010 had 500.   Flu deaths are very different every year, the pandemic year had a few more but not enough for freakout mode.  2918 deaths is not even close to being one per city.  20,000 cities in the US.  Though there is a difference in 2009, more of the deaths were in middle aged people rather than old people. 

160g. -  This shows Tamiflu drug bought for the Swine flu or H1N1 pandemic was wasted  and barely works and also dangerous.  The US wasted Billions$ on it.

                  REMEMBER THE SARS PANDEMIC OF 2002/2003

161. SARS  was not actually a flu but a respiratory illness.  But I put this here as another example of government/media induced panic.  (SARS -Severe acute respiratory syndrome)

161a.  This is about the SARS  pandemic of 2002/2003. Forbes magazine says US cranked up into "full freakout mode".  Only 774 people died world wide and mostly in China where it started.  The US got only 8 cases of SARS and none died.  Forbes then says "the media sensationalized the outbreak as if it were a hollywood movie".  Soon the SARS outbreak fizzled into nothing, as it was not very contagious.

161b. Says Canada was the only country outside Asia to have deaths from SARS.  A total of 44 people died in Canada, mostly in Ontario.  44 is nothing, hundreds die of the regular flu every year.

                          THE FAKE 1976 SWINE FLU OUTBREAK

162.  Wikipedia says "the 1976 swine flu outbreak was also known as the swine flu debacle", it turned out to be not dangerous, but the vaccine was far more dangerous.

162a.  From New York Times.  Another false pandemic in 1976 and The president ordered everyone vaccinated, then stopped after a couple of months as over 500 hundred were paralyzed or died from vaccine. 

162b. The Disney Measles Outbreak of 2014 is another example of media induced panic.  No one died in this outbreak and it was about 180 people got the measles, that's far less than one per city in California.  The media kept the fear level up.
     California also used this  panic to tighten up vaccine exceptions in the state, so it is now extremely difficult to opt out.  They could have just made the Measles vaccine mandatory, but instead used the opportunity to make 9 vaccines mandatory.